Terms and Conditions

These Catapult Terms and Conditions of Entry are to be read in conjunction with the general rules listed in the Catapult application on the Rules page.

These documents are to be known collectively as the 'Terms of Entry'.

Version: September 2012

Catapult Song Contest Entry and Terms of Use

  1. The Terms of Entry apply to all entrants, users, voters and competition organisers.
  2. By entering this competition entrants and voters accept these Terms of Entry. These terms may be amended or replaced as necessary.
  3. Competition entry is open only to permanent residents of Australia.
  4. To enter the Competition, the Entrant must create a Musical Work, and upload the video of the Entrant's performance of that Musical Work via the www.catapultsongcontest.com.au website by following the instructions available on that website.
  5. By submitting an Entry, the Entrant undertakes to the Promoter:
    1. that the Entry is the Entrant's original work
    2. that their Entry's use by the Promoter will not result in the Promoter breaching any 3rd party intellectual property rights.
    3. that they provide their consent to the presentation of the song in Catapult.
    4. at the Promoter's request, entrants consent to the use of their name(s) and image(s) in promotional material (such as publicity, photography, video), free of charge.
    5. that they provide their consent to receive messages from users via the Contact-Artist functionality on their artist page, noting that this contact-artist function does NOT disclose the artist's private information such as phone number or email address to the user.
    6. that they provide their consent to receive correspondence from the promoters and major sponsors of the competition for the purposes of conducting the contest, being notified of prizes and receiving promotional news from the sponsors and promoters.
    7. that any other person's details that are provided by the Entrant to the Promoter, for the purpose of participation, have given their implied or express consent.
    8. that their Entry has not been previously entered, in any form, in a previous Catapult contest except as specifically allowed in the Rules. Entries may be deemed to have been previously entered if the musical composition is deemed by the promoter(s) to be the same, in whole or in part, as any song previously entered in a Catapult contest whether by the Entrant or a different person. Entries deemed by the Promoter to have been previously entered except as specially allowed in the Rules may be disqualified at any stage of a Catapult contest, even after the announcement of winners.
  6. By entering the Competition, the Entrant assigns to the Promoter the rights to:
    1. reproduce the cinematograph, that forms the Entry, for the purposes of conducting or promoting the competition
    2. reproduce the performance of the Musical Work as depicted in the Entry.
  7. The Entrant acknowledges that the Promoter may deal with the Entry as it so chooses, including:
    1. hyper-linking from the Entry to the Competition's and Sponsors' website; and
    2. modifying any necessary public biography or other data that forms parts of the entry such that it makes the entry suitable for the contest.
  8. No responsibility is accepted by the Promoter for late, lost, delayed, corrupted, incorrectly submitted or misdirected submissions.
    1. The Promoter holds no control over communication networks or services, including but not limited to the Internet, or computer and telephone networks.
    2. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for associated problems to the afore-mentioned, in regards to technical problems, excess traffic or otherwise.
    3. Consequences and costs incurred due to user error are the sole liability of entrants and the Promoter will not be liable.
  9. Entries will be deemed received as at the time of receipt into the Promoter's possession, not at the time of transmission.
  10. In the event that the Entrant deletes a song or artist page either accidentally or on purpose, then the data, including any contest votes earned by the Entrant, are irrecoverable and no correspondence on the issue will be entered into.
  11. The Promoter reserves the right to invalidate any entries that, in the Promoter's judgments, are offensive, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate, or that infringe on 3rd party rights, or otherwise breach the Terms of Entry.
  12. In the event an entrant is unable, refuses or fails to take part in an element of the competition, The Promoter reserves the right to invalidate the entry and continue the competition.
  13. Entrants must not deal with the Entry in any way that may directly or indirectly bring the Promoters or the Competition into disrepute.

Judgment and Prizes

  1. The competition will be drawn and decided at the time, dates and locations as specified by the Promoter. Prizes will be awarded to valid entrants as determined by the announced voting and judging structures by the Promoter via the Catapult website and Facebook page.
  2. The prizes are as specified by the Promoter, in conjunction with its Partners.
  3. Prizes are not transferrable nor redeemable for cash.
  4. Chance plays no part in determining the finalists and winner/s. Each valid entry will be judged independently by voters within the competition running dates. The Promoter will judge on additional finalists, based on the judging criteria chosen and announced via the Catapult website.
  5. The judges' decisions are taken as final. No further correspondence will be accepted or entered into.
  6. Where a prize involves the winner attending an event (including but not limited to recording or mastering the winning single), any costs associated with travel to/from the event and/or accommodation and/or any other travel expenses will be borne by the Entrants and not by the Promoters or its Partners.
  7. Where a prize includes delivery of the prize, the delivery shall be to one point within Australia
  8. Prizes are subject to any conditions imposed by the supplier of the prize. If the prize includes specified date of expiry as advised, any value not used by advised date will be forfeited.
  9. All entrants and prize winners retain the rights to their material and the promoters do not assume any rights to the songs, other than the right to display the songs on the Catapult website and Facebook page for the purposes of conducting and promoting the competition.
  10. The finalists will be notified:
    1. In writing via email (to the email address advised by the entrant during registration)
    2. Online via Replicat Website
    3. Online via Catapult Facebook timeline
  11. The Promoter and its associated agencies will not be liable for any loss, expense, damage, injury or death, which is suffered in connection with this competition, or due to the receipt of any prize. Liability is limited to that as protected by law.
  12. The Promoter may request proof of identification including (but not limited to):
    1. Proof of identity
    2. Proof of age
    3. Proof of residency
  13. If a prize winner is under the age of 18 years, the Promoter will award the prize to the winner's parent/guardian.
  14. No prize, unless expressly specified, is transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for currency.
  15. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any variation in prize value.
  16. If, by causes beyond the Promoter's control, any aspect of the competition is not capable of proceeding as planned, the Promoter may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition. At its sole discretion, this may include invalidating any affected entries, if required.
  17. The Promoter holds no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the prizes offered. Financial advice is recommended.

Privacy and Promoter Details

  1. By entering this competition, entrant's personal information will be used, and stored, by the Promoter for the purposes of this competition and for future promotional and marketing purposes. The Promoter may disclose this information to its contractors and competition associates to allow for the conduct of the competition. The Promoter is bound by the National Privacy Principles as listed in the Privacy Act (1988).
  2. Organisations and individuals are expressly forbidden from using the Catapult assets, including but not limited to the Facebook page and website Contact Artist links, seeking to endorse commercial products or activities or to solicit business, without first receiving the express written permission of the organisers. 
  3. The Entrant may request access to the personal information held by the Promoter by contacting the Promoter at the address specified at 30 (a)
  4. Promoter details are: (a) Replicat Pty Ltd (ACN 110 523 950), 11/84 Church St, Richmond, Victoria 3124, www.replicat.com.au
  5. For the purpose of the Terms of Entry:
    1. "Entrant" means one or more persons who enter the Competition by submitting an entry in accordance with the Terms of Entry
    2. "Entry" means the cinematograph film depicting the Entrant performing the Entrant's Musical Work, submitted to the Competition in accordance with the Terms of Entry (and includes the sound recording of the Musical Work forming part of that cinematograph film);
    3. "Musical Work" means the musical work (as defined for the purpose of the Copyright Act 1969) to which the Entry relates; and
    4. "Song" includes all, or any part of, the Musical Work; any reproduction thereof; any publication thereof, any performance thereof; any communication thereof; and any adaptation thereof; and rental, distribution or sale of any of the foregoing.
    5. "Catapult" refers to the collection of websites, applications, data, procedures and intellectual property used in the performance and promotion of the Catapult Song Contest.