Catapult Song Contest Rules and Terms of Entry

Please read right through this carefully to avoid tears. All entries must comply with our rules and terms and conditions (or we couldn't run a contest).

  1. You need a song and video of your own composition, not someone else's (unless they also consent to and form part of the entry).
  2. Detailed instructions on how to enter can be found on the How to Enter page.
  3. Audio-only entries will not be accepted. Whilst still-imagery is fine, at least one image containing a photo of the entrant (and preferably the other performers who recorded the song), is required for entry approval.
  4. You may not nominate a song for the current contest if the song has been a finalist in any previous Catapult contest. Any such entries would be disqualified. However, if the song did not make the Top 50 in 2011 or 2010, then you can re-enter it to take advantage of the great new peer review and wildcard elements of the revised contest.
  5. New entrants can create song and artist pages by logging into Facebook and clicking 'enter the contest' in the orange section (top right above) and following the form instructions.
  6. Once you have created your artist page and created the song, you must NOMINATE THE SONG for the current Catapult contest. Unless you nominate the song, it isn't entered in the contest.
  7. The song video cannot breach any third party rights or obligations. Artists are responsible to seek and receive written permission from any such parties before entering. We encourage artists currently signed to independent record labels to enter Catapult, but please receive your label's written permission before entering.
  8. Any songs uploaded to YouTube must comply with the YouTube terms and conditions of use. Vulgar, obscene, overtly violent, discriminatory and/or otherwise offensive content is not permitted by YouTube OR Catapult.
  9. Artists may upload up to six different songs for promotion to their artist page, but they may only nominate one (1) of these songs to enter the current Catapult contest.
  10. Each entrant must be an Australian permanent resident.
  11. Artists are now able to add, edit and delete their artist page and songs, post to the Catapult Facebook Timeline, and contact other artists for advice.
  12. 2011 song entries and artist info will appear in the new Catapult layout for convenience, ready to load new songs, edit/delete information and nominate a song for the current contest if they wish. Unfortunately we cannot display 2010 entries due to differences in the way the data was stored. Artists from 2010 will need to create a page (easy!).
  13. The Catapult team and/or promoters do not enter into any direct email or phone correspondence with artists except via the public timeline forum. We've created a complete do-it-yourself artist page to manage entries. Please refer to the Contact page for full details on the resources available and the reasons for our change in policy in relation to correspondence.
  14. Great vocals are highly recommended, but instrumentals and sound-scapes are also accepted.
  15. After nominating a song for the contest, you will receive an email either approving or rejecting your entry, and advising what to do next. This approval process may take up to 72 hours or more depending on the volume of entries received and we will not enter into any correspondence nor provide any compensation or special treatment to entries affected or disadvantaged by a delay in approval. Enter early.
  16. Nominated entries may be approved or rejected at the sole discretion of the Promoter. Approved entries will receive email correspondence containing information on what to do next. Rejected entries will receive email correspondence containing information on why it was rejected and how to correct the error if they wish to enter the contest.
  17. To be eligible to enter the contest or vote you will need to be logged in to Facebook and be a fan of the Catapult Facebook page. All voting will occur via the song pages. Voting for many different entries is allowed, but an individual may only vote once per song.
  18. The official dates for the competition are included on the Welcome page.
  19. The method of voting and deciding the winners is detailed on the How To Win page.
  20. Individual votes cannot be transferred or deleted under any circumstances. If you didn't mean to vote for an artist, just vote for the preferred artist(s) too.
  21. Song votes cannot be transferred to a different song. If you remove a song from the contest, or delete it, any votes cast in the current contest cannot be recovered under any circumstances.
  22. The provisional winners will each be asked to sign a document confirming that they have abided by all the terms of entry before being confirmed as winners. It is important to note however, that the winning artists retain ownership of both the song and the album stock, and they are free to choose their own record label to distribute the title on their behalf. Neither Catapult, nor the promoters, seek to share in the revenue from the sale of the albums won as prizes, nor are they responsible for providing licensing, distribution and/or promotion of the albums.
  23. Any song or artist can be reported for a suspected breach of our terms of entry via the report abuse link on the relevant song or artist page. Such reports will be reviewed by a member of the Catapult team. Songs will not be removed from the contest until the matter is reviewed and the content found to be in breach of our terms of entry. Reports in good faith are encouraged and welcomed. However, nuisance or malicious reports, or attempts to contact Catapult staff to discuss other non-related contest matters via the report abuse links, may result in disqualification and/or banning the user from Catapult. Please only use the report abuse link with responsible discretion and only when the situation absolutely warrants it.
  24. The use of the Contact Artist link, whether by artists themselves or other users, to promote a commercial product or service to multiple artists is strictly prohibited unless express written permission is received in advance from Catapult.
  25. Further Terms and Conditions.