How to Enter

QUICK ENTRY: in the orange section up there at the top/right of this page, click log in with facebook, then enter the contest (or manage my artist page if one already exists for you). Once on the entry form, tick the box to nominate your song for the contest automatically. Easy!

But read the following first, because you need your YouTube video URL (link), bio and a photo (optional but very highly recommended to increase your votes) to enter.


All entries require a YouTube video clip. But don't worry - if you've already got the MP3 of your song, the video won't take long and you've got options.

STEP 1 - creating a video

If you have a song video and it's already on YouTube, ignore the first two steps and read Step 3.

Your video needs to include the best quality audio of your song and images/video. We'd love to see a full song video, but at a minimum you need a slideshow of one or more photos showing the members of your band. We don't need anything fancy and the video quality doesn't affect the judging - only the song quality. Ask your friends, or Google, to find online applications like Stupeflix that can create quick, cheap videos if needed.

Save the final video to your hard disc and play it back to make sure it's working OK.

STEP 2 - uploading the video to YouTube

If you don't have a YouTube channel, it's quick, easy and free to create one (opens in a new window).

Once you have a YouTube channel, load the video you created to your YouTube account. Once you've uploaded your video, find it and play it on YouTube to make sure it all works OK.

Then copy and paste the URL (e.g. somewhere safe, because you'll need this link to enter Catapult.

STEP 3 - preparation

You need the following to enter Catapult, so get these items ready BEFORE going to our entry page:

  1. The URL (link) to your YouTube song video(s)
  2. A large photo of the artist(s)
  3. Biography text (no larger than 1000 characters)
  4. A Facebook account

STEP 4 - signing in and signing up

Log in to Facebook by clicking on the Log in with Facebook link in the orange section above and accept contest permissions.

Click either enter the contest or manage my artist page in the orange section above (depending on whether we have your details on file from an earlier contest).

You can upload up to six songs but only one song can be nominated for the contest. You can then edit your information, delete an entry or delete the entire artist page at any time by clicking the Manage My Artist Page link.

STEP 5 - nominate your song for the contest

On your artist page underneath the song, there's a link called 'Nominate this song'. Click it.

STEP 6 - wait for your approval email

Catapult staff review all videos and check the content before sending live.

Please read our rules and terms and conditions. You must comply with the terms of entry or your song can be disqualified, in some cases even after it has started collecting votes.

Upon entry, you'll receive a confirmation emailing containing a link that sends your fans directly to your artist page. You no longer need to ask fans to search through the entries to find your song. Just provide them the link and ask them to vote!