About Replicat

Why did Replicat create Catapult?

Well, first a little secret. Replicat isn't a huge multinational company. We're really solid and here to stay, but with only a small team of core staff the Catapult Song Contest is a huge undertaking for us each year.

Most of our clients are independent musicians and many are just starting out in their career. We created the contest because, like you, we love song-writing. The contest originated from us spending time at home and in the studio recording our own music and from a brilliant idea suggested to us by a social media company in Melbourne called thinktank media. We couldn't see a truly mainstream free-to-enter song-writing contest anywhere, so we invented a contest format that might, in time, become an event for songwriters.

We have big plans for Catapult (of course) but it needed the initial trust and support of artists and songwriters and…wow…last year we grew from 126 entries to nearly 3000 entries in 12 months. We love you and thank you.

In addition to the contest itself, Catapult provides a free community for artists to showcase new songs, promote their act, upcoming gigs and new single/album releases to a large community, make new contacts, collaborate on future projects and be seen and liked.

If we have one request (other than please keep writing songs and entering), it's for artists to discover and vote for other artists in the contest to help us find the best songs each year. You'll notice that the rules have changed this year to hand several wildcard places and second auditions to artists who discover and vote for other great songs in the contest. You'll also notice that the major prize winners from previous years have now become part of the judging panel. This peer review element is so important to the contest. Please discover and vote for other artists. You might end up winning the contest as a result.

We've made searching for great songs much easier this year by building an amazing and beautiful new software application that works on every conceivable platform and runs from a fast new cloud server. Our sincere thanks to Michael and Marty from web.d3 who designed and built the application and to Josie Ryan for her brilliant graphic design.

Catapult gives Replicat a forum to keep artists informed about our company news and ideas, but we try to keep this to a minimum and just focus on the contest and the artists.

Why Facebook?

We built the Catapult community around Facebook for many reasons. It ensures people can register to enter or vote without having to enter a long-winded registration process. You just LIKE the contest and get started instantly. We can track who votes by recording the vote against the FB user that voted and ensure just one vote per song per user. This avoids silly games where people click vote or phone a toll free number a hundred million times. Facebook helps us to run a fair and efficient contest.

Facebook also helps build individual communities for each artist and provides a ready-made timeline for forum discussion.

Who is Replicat?

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated private company that started operations in 2004. We provide expert advice and retail quality product manufacture for replicated and duplicated discs, packaging, logistics, distribution and custom printing for artists and the wider business, government, education and other sectors.

You can find out more about Replicat at www.replicat.com.au and receive instant quotes for any of our services online.