Welcome to the Catapult Song Contest

We're getting ready for the next instalment of Replicat's Catapult Song Contest.

This next contest will be building on the very successful artists-supporting-artists theme we introduced last time around. The path to the final 30 is now very different and we think it's the best and fairest way we've ever devised to find the best songs (and eventually song) in the contest.

Contest dates

Entries open TBA
Public voting commences: TBA
Entries close:   TBA
Public voting closes: TBA
Top 30 announced:  TBA
Judging concludes:  TBA
Public voting closes: TBA
Winners announced:  TBA

To create an artist page and promote your original songs: create a YouTube video, then create your artist page and follow the steps. You can create an artist page and promote your new songs via the Catapult site all year round. 

To get an idea how to win read our strategy guide on the How To Win page.

Previous contest prize pools included over $30K of prizes from Replicat and Studios 301: CD replication, CD duplication, digipack and wallet manufacture, studio recording, mastering, mixing and design.

Thanks & Good Luck!

Scott Wilson
on behalf of the Catapult team and Replicat